A Moving Target

A Changing Landscape

Affluent Consumers +

Shifting Global Demand


Conventional luxury marketing wisdom offers shockingly little insight relevant to digital luxury marketing. In historical studies on affluent and luxury consumer marketing, luxury consumers are typically the hardest-to-reach and lightest users of traditional media; yet, the past 20 years have seen a striking contrast in that luxury consumers are often first-adopters and among the heaviest users of digital media outlets. This presents new opportunities and challenges for brands targeting affluent consumers of luxury products.

Criterion Global’s digital luxury marketing pairs a deep understanding of the luxury consumer with industry-recognized knowledge of the global media market. The combination yields powerful luxury consumer media planning and buying for top luxury brands in both luxury retail and luxury hospitality. With this knowledge base, our clients’ digital luxury marketing efforts are backed by best-in-class international media planning and buying to execute with greater efficiency and impact.

Digital Luxury Strategy + Services

Criterion Global helps its client’s navigate the changed media landscape to reach consumers of luxury products across the globe. The lives of affluent consumers are intertwined with technology given their position as owners and users of multiple digital touch points. Reaching these consumers using the most effective and ROI focused methods is as much art as it is science. Criterion Global brings the tools to parse through what is most effective in grabbing the attention and communicate brand messages to the intended affluent audience. In a world of infinite media choices, Criterion Global understands that marketing investments must be calibrated to achieve equilibrium between quality and price of exposure to best serve the needs of our clients.

Digital Luxury: International Intelligence

Enjoy an amuse-bouche of our digital luxury international intelligence content, including luxury consumer marketing, luxury travel insight, retail demographics, etc. For more, visit our main site for more international advertising intelligence.


Equipped with relationships that matter and the tools to execute and quantify marketing effectiveness globally, including in-market ad servers and campaign dashboards, Criterion Global’s clients are well served by our digital marketing council. Our offices provide the know how and market specific nuances that effect the purchase considerations of affluent audiences, especially in the ripe emerging markets for global luxury consumerism.

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